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Engineering Control Options Under USP 800

This webinar is 2 of 4 in a series sponsored by Nuaire and originally released by Pharmacy Purchasing and Products Magazine. In this webinar Bryan Prince, owner of Lab Red Pharmacy Consultants discusses the various engineering control options as defined by USP chapter <800>. After dissecting the four aspects of compounding which include: USP <795> Nonsterile Non-hazardous compounding, USP <800> Nonsterile Hazardous Compounding, USP <797> Sterile Non-hazardous compounding, and USP <800> Sterile Hazardous compounding, Bryan then shows common rooftop equipment to achieve conditioned cleanroom air and negative pressure. This webinar also breaks down air change per hour calculations for the secondary containment (e.g. the cleanroom and/or HD nonsterile room) and the primary engineering controls as they contribute to the overall negative pressure equation. This webinar is applicable for pharmacy owners and mechanical engineers seeking to understand the engineering controls required to achieve USP compliance.

Click to watch this webinar: Engineering Control Options Under USP 800 | NuAire