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Workflow Consulting

Hazardous Drug Handling Workflow Consulting via Remote Viewing

Establishing proper workflow practices with hazardous drugs in the compounding lab is very important for compliance with USP 800 intent of limiting personnel and environmental exposure.

REMOTE VIEWING is a cheaper alternative than having a consultant travel to your pharmacy. It is an easy process and whereas you video (simply using a cell phone) a lab technician handling chemicals and engaging in compounding a script. The final step is to upload the video files to a Dropbox link we provide to you. All videos are considered proprietary and supported by a Non-disclosure agreement.

Examples of what to video:

Staging and Technique

During the staging and compounding phase we are interested in seeing:  

1.  How the technician stages the chemicals and equipment necessary for formulation.

2.  How the technician interacts with the formulation software.

3.  How the technician weighs, mixes, titrates, etc

weighing powder in hood
4.  How the technician interacts with balance, capsule plates, weigh boats, utensils.

5.  How the technician moves the compounded preparation from the hood to a finished product.

6.  How the technician disposes of contaminated materials (e.g. gloves, wipers, mortars, plates).

contaminated gloves outside hood

 Cleaning and Contamination Control

During the cleaning phase we are interested in seeing:

1.  How the technician handles contaminated glassware and utensils from the hood to the sink.

3. How the technician cleans the hood.

2.  How the technician washes contaminated utensils.

 pharmacy contaminated sink

The pharmacy will receive as a deliverable:

  •   A comprehensive report (typ. 3-5 pg.s) of observations  with video timeline noted at each observation point for reference
  • Corrective actions to those points
  • Visual support diagrams for safe workflow implementation
  • A 1-hour conference call will be scheduled to discuss and ask questions after the pharmacy has had an opportunity to review the report

Contact us at 228-239-6842 to discuss or via email