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Innovative and Compliant Design Is Our Passion

With our pharmacy consulting, we have a unique compounding lab design philosophy that starts first with understanding your business model.  Your script ratios, types, equipment, technicians, and growth opportunity drive our initial conversation with your pharmacy, which sets the foundation for the design concept.  We don’t design to the allotted square footage, instead we design to your business model.  Our secondary goal is to make sure your architect, engineer, general contractor, and HVAC contractor are all speaking the same language and moving in the same direction towards a USP compliant compounding lab.  Please call or email me at:  228-239-6842 or


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Pre-Construction Budgetary Phase Consulting: One of the overriding questions you have as a business owner is, ``how much is this going to cost?`` We design through the pre-construction budgetary phase to help you answer that question which includes coaching a local general contractor on what USP compliant building materials are and how to price them.

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Laboratory Design: We work with your pharmacy team, architect, engineer, general contractor, and mechanical contractor to make sure everyone is on the same page speaking the same language. We actually do the FLOOR-PLAN and SUPPLY-EXHAUST PLAN so the architect and engineer understand the design criteria. This is the cornerstone of the project and sets a foundation for success.

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Project Team Communication: We provide the conduit of communication for everyone on your compounding laboratory or cleanroom remodel to make sure the project is compliant to standards and industry best practices.